Our Story

Who We Are ?

UNYFAC is an African cultural goodwill group dedicated to the Nigerian, African and Black youths worldwide. With UNYFAC we are recalling the beauty of ancient African values for the benefit of today’s highly talented but sadly, grossly disadvantaged African youths. 


Our African Culure

Our African culture is our identity; it marks us distinct and exudes potently the essence of what we are and capable of. UNYFAC believes African culture is the reliable glue and undergird to the unity and prosperity of Africa and her youths.

Africa is blessed with a rich array of cultural diversity but our ancestral heritage suffers neglect and erasure. It is against this backdrop that we are uniting the Nigerian, African and diaspora Black youths to join us, be part of our association and exalt our African culture.

Our Believes

Our belief is that without a cultural rebirth, there can be no political rebirth, and with both unattainable the mental capacity to appreciate and protect the environment plus nature, diminishes. And so, we at UNYFAC nurture the hope that our cultural revival will be the catalyst for genuine positive changes across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.


Come Join Us.

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