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Get Scholarships

Sample articles promoting scholarship opportunities made available by institutions and businesses would be collated and published on our journals to help Nigerian youths access free education to improve their chances...

How To Shop For Designer Dresses In Paris

Articles about shopping in African communities in Europe or America, is an exciting venture, if you know where to look and what time to show up. From Brussels to Berlin,...

Calabar, Ibadan, Mambila Forests need Young Cultural Gatekeepers

Sample Advert: Non Graduate Youth Volunteers AcceptedDescription:Nigerian youths from all tribes with interest in learning traditional herbal medicine. Starting on 1st of September 2024​​​​​​​Our Philosophy:UNYFAC believes iin recalling the interest...

Covid 19 latest news

News on health will be added to our journals for awarenessto improve the knowledge and opportunities for youths ,who may have challengs accessing health centres

Work Remotely from Anywhere

Remote jobs requiring digital skillsets will also be added

Work Remotely for Cultural News Website

Samples of job opportunities will be added constantly for youts to peruseto help their incomes>

Importance of Reorienting Nigerian Youths around their Native Culture (Photo)

International firms are focusing on talents in Africa with Nigeria as choice country. Recalling native culture will mentally strengthen Nigerian youths to better cope with the global market.